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From The Farmyard

We also have beef, pork, broiler chickens, veal and eggs available and would like to invite people to take part in the Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) for a share in a monthly meat assortment, pork or beef products. If you are new to CSA, you can read more about it at the USDA website, and also at Local Harvest.  Feel free to contact us for information about the CSA.


Please download our pork CSA application or our beef CSA application for your share of our superior pork and beef products.  Click here for our Meat CSA Registration Form.

Stonyledge Farm is the source of our meat products and our fresh free-range eggs.

Our free-range, fresh eggs continue to be available at the farm or farmers’ markets.  If you want to read up on the health benefits of these eggs, Mother Earth News ran an article entitled “The Good Egg” and Jo Robinson’s website is another great source of information. Try cracking one of our eggs into a bowl and compare it with a store-bought egg—the orange color of our yolk alone will help convince you how very different eggs can be when raised in an outdoors/pastured environment. We would like to note that the chickens pictured above were hatched by the kindergarten students at Gales Ferry School. They were hatched out from some of Stonyledge Farm's fertile eggs in April '07.  The kids incubated 11 eggs and 9 chicks hatched out—that's pretty good! These pictures were taken to show them how "big" the chicks are now, outside in their big pen at the farm.

When Stonyledge Farm’s piggies are ready to go to market, we have individual cuts as well as pork shares available!  Our free-range pork is grown in a large woodland pen and fed an assortment of veggies (those really large zucchini!) and plants from our gardens and grain without growth hormones, antibiotics or animal byproducts.  The sunshine, exercise, good diet and happy life create flavorful and tender pork.  Our pork shares are available in two sizes:  a half-share and a “family-sized” full share.  Our individual cuts are available for sale on the farm and at the Stonington and Denison Farm Markets.  Our pigs are processed at a USDA inspected facility in RI – just a 45 minute ride away.  This facility is the same one used by “certified humane” growers and is respectful in its treatment of our animals.  The carcasses are cut up and packaged at Westerly Packing, a USDA inspected facility in Westerly that also makes terrific sausage.  The meat market we use to smoke our bacons and hams is USDA inspected and uses NO nitrates in their processing and apple wood for the smoking. And the sausage and keilbasa are gluten-free! They all do a wonderful job ensuring you receive healthy and tasty pork! 

Beef is sold from the Learned's herd of Herefords, angus and crossbreeds. The cattle are raised on pasture using rotational grazing methods, without added hormones or antibiotics.  Locally grown hay is used for feed during the winter.  We sell individual cuts of beef and pork in frozen cryovac packages or you can purchase a half-side or a quarter.  Meat products are available at the Denison Farm Market and the Stongington Farmers Market, so contact us if you need to make other arrangements.

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